Alex Jacobowitz: Der klassischer Klezmer Alex Jacobowitz: Der klassischer Klezmer
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New York Post (Jun 4, 1987)
Pier 17 is alive with the sound of marimbas

Marimba Player Alex Jacobowitz (above) took a break from an afternoon of street-performing, or in this case pier-performing, across from Caroline´s comedy club on Pier 17. He wore an "official South St. Seaport performer" button.

"We had to audition," he explained. "It worked out very well for me. I played solo at Lincoln Center last year, and that meant a lot professionally, but here, there are so many people.
"On a good day, you can make $400-$500. I´m here every Sunday from noon to 3:00, and some weekdays. This is a visual instrument," he says of his modern xylophone.
"Concerts here have an educational aspect, which is more difficult to achieve with, say a string quartet - so elitist.
"Here I can do children´s piano pieces, talk about history, why a composer wrote a particular piece, and talk to adults of all ages. The audience is more varied, more minorities, tourists. Before the area was all steel and gray and vertical.
"Now there´s wood, pedestrian traffic, and on the pier, the chance of a cessation of activity.
"There´s no time for a 2 1/2 hour concert, but there is time for an intensely entertaining 5-10 minutes. And as street musicians, we´re not just begging. This is a European tradition, and if they could do it 150 years ago, I can do it here."

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